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We’re posting Page Ones of stories from around the world.

Email submissions to We’re interested in anything with a good heart and oblique gaze. Animations, videos, audio clips, written words, photos, visual art, and blends of these mediums are welcome.

Regardless of medium, Page Ones can be as long as they need to be. They can seem complete; they can seem like beginnings—just like life and all the best things.

You don’t have to appreciate what’s come before you, but you should be aware of it. Check out the Page Ones by clicking on the map icons or see below for a list of stories and links.


Bratsk, Russia
Hand Claps for “Billionaire Disco”
Sulfur in the airrrr / Mercury in the water / The only people that carrrrre / Are on the dance floor / With the billionairrrrre

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Daughter, Wife, Mother
He thought back to this young woman’s mom, who had sat in this same room and cried like a barn animal after giving away her daughter.

Brandon, Manitoba
Paging Mr. Pajamas
You’re in the right place little man! Sweat out your principles and drink plenty of fluids!

Bouba Njida National Park, Cameroon
Under a bush
“That is correct. Do not shoot them in the face. That is disrespectful, and you might accidentally shoot them in the tusks.”

The Conquistador
Codpiece was a dodo beak, dialect was Sevillian speak, beard preserved the best part of every course.

Over Mompos
Shook her head slightly to tip the thought back toward the center of her mind: why should I pull this ripcord?

Omaha, Versailles
Big Louie
Omaha. What in the name of embodied stateliness is Omaha?

Catatumbo Bari
The Zipper
To fall onto the top of a Colombian kapok tree and watch the sun rise—that’s a good way to get over yourself.

Vientiane, Laos
The best spent life is a childhood


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