Brandon, Manitoba – Paging Mr. Pajamas

STRANGE MAN IN BEER STORE: “Rub bacon on my elbows and butter in my hands! I like pudding ‘cause I’m the gelatin man!”

ME: I…will.

STRANGE MAN: (Looking to see what beers I’m in front of) You’re in the right place little man! Sweat out your principles and drink plenty of fluids!

ME: Okay. You’re sure moving around a lot.

STRANGE MAN: Were you just at (unintelligible)’s house?

ME: What?

STRANGE MAN: Didn’t I just see you at (unintelligible)’s Halloween party?

ME: Ahhmmmm, probably not.

STRANGE MAN: Quadriplegics have the best drugs.

ME: Well…

STRANGE MAN: Don’t they?

ME: Yes they do?

STRANGE MAN: The next time you crack an egg, little man, I’m going to dress up like a pelican and kidnap you! Blah! (Scurries away)

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