Popo Wakes Up – 10 more good lines from the book

  1. “Gift-wrap a giggle! Jiggle in the middle! Wrinkle up your nose when you smile just a little!”
  2. “And they’ll leave hickeys on the inside of your rectum. I can testify to that. I have, actually, and perjured myself into glorious ignominy. ”
  3. Chuckles nodded his noggin, “Of course. That makes perfect sense. And then she resuscitates a thousand dead flies, right?”
  4. “Ah, you nailed me. I confess to wanton fibbery and other crimes against sobriety.”
  5. Like a statue memorializing resignation to an inability to avoid making the worst possible decision, Chuckles stands staring up at the sky.
  6. “Whew, you do stink. If you were a Dorito or an Indian, your name would be Stinks Like Garlic No Matter What.”
  7. “No, understanding can grow. Actually it’s by spreading that it grows. Not only does it remain intact when it spreads but it becomes more complete and whole each time it is shared with feeling and honesty with another soul.”
  8. I can close my eyes and see the horror in his face. So elastically enhanced, like a shimmering reflection of Neanderthal agony on a pool of cursed mercury.
  9. And then he saw the balloons. Thousands of them spiraling down from the clouds like sperm in a blender.
  10. “And you, Chuckles, I hope you really like your body cavities, because you’re about to become them.”

Popo Wakes Up - Book Cover


The first ten good lines excerpted for show are posted here.


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