Popo Wakes Up – 10 good lines from the book

  1. God remember the way she squeezed his hand. Remember it in case You ever need to start over.
  2. “You see? All Koreans like to drink. It’s our shared heritage. Ask him if he likes jerking off on the subway.”
  3. “Just stop. You can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to. It’s like trying to put dirty diapers on a monkey.”
  4. “I pogo in slow-mo like a funk-wrapped mummy on a trampoline.”
  5. As he was always so happy to explain: “With the end of a nap delirious giddiness vies with all-muddling bewilderment for possession of my soul. If you could taste my brain fizz at these moments, you’d understand what I mean.”
  6. The sun the moon the sky and the sea / Are lost in eternal reverie / The duration of mine / Is that unit of time / Between when we first and next shall meet
  7. “I think he wants to open an umbrella in that fireman’s ass.”
  8. “Life is the sum of the mornings you come home after sunrise.”
  9. “I brought out my alphabet dance, and I followed it with the Matador, the Gored Matador, the Repentant Matador, and the Sad Dog in Long Socks.”
  10. Hype is the new tyranny.

Popo Wakes Up - Book Cover


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